Enterprise on the Hudson

Space Shuttle Enterprise travels up the Hudson River to it’s new home on the Intrepid. NYC Enterprise on the Hudson Advertisements

My Week

A View from Ditmars Station Flowers in the Bathroom Mirror 5th Avenue The Plaza Reflection

Bowling Day

NY Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Gardens Monet’s Gardens Exhibit and more…. Such beauty in the Bronx!

NYC today

Parties. Parties. Parties.

Park Avenue Tea Party

A Glorious Wedding

The Wedding of Yuri Rodriguez and Stephen Troiano May 2o, 2o12 Astoria, NY

Wrought Iron and Roses

Feeling a little better after being sick and figured a walk on a sunny day would help me, so I took my camera, snapped a few, then came home and had some fun… Continue reading

Occupy My Camera

Occupy Wall Street ProtestsUnion Square, NYCMay 1, 2o12

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